The Super Bowl - Where Marketers Drool

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Ah yes.  It's Super Bowl time again.  An event that used to be about "The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field" , is now more about the halftime show headlined by Madonna and the slew of commercials that will try to sell us anything from beer to website hosting to the latest car.  Oh yeah, and the Giants are going up against the Patriots.

Being a sports purist, I believe that the game should be about the game.  That it should be outside in the elements, no matter what they are.  That the game should be played on real grass...not field turf.  It should be about X's and O's.  But this is where my love for sports and my career collide.  I market stuff.  So, I am still intrigued by the billions of dollars that ad agencies and product marketers shell out each year around this great event.  

The cool thing is that our Avery Dennison Graphics products have taken center stage in some pretty cool projects over the years.  A few years back, our digital films were used in the Bud Light House commercial to wrap not only the furniture and walls inside the house, but the house itself!  It was a huge feat carried out by SkinzWraps in Dallas, Texas.


This year, our MPI 1005 Supercast wrapping film was used in a unique project that took place around Indianapolis leading up to the big game.  The "Super Cars" were wrapped by Freelance Graphics in Indianapolis and were put in various locations around the state of Indiana.  All of the car designs and locations were posted so that people could visit the locations and share their experience with their friends on social media.


Super Bowl Indy Car locations revealed:

These big projects show how if you can dream it up, chances are, one of our Avery Dennison films can pull off the incredible.  But most importantly, who's going to win the game?

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